Seth Cohen, Co-Founder of Sweetfin

“The restaurant space is crowded and social media is noisy which is why finding unique ways to stand out is so important. For the past 3 years, FS MEDIA has helped our team create a social media strategy and develop engaging content that has represented our brand to its fullest potential. Through content created by FS MEDIA, we have garnered millions of social media views which can be attributed to their unique production style and their understanding of social media virality. On a monthly basis FS MEDIA has helped us build our social media following and created content that has had a direct impact on our bottom line. Most importantly, the strategy set in place by the FS MEDIA team has set our concept apart from the many others and has helped us build a memorable brand.”



Bri Lobato, Content Strategist at MVMT

"Working with FS MEDIA was as successful as it was enjoyable. They worked with me on creating the exact videos we envisioned and had no problem adjusting to our brand's needs."



Allison Aronoff, Communications Manager at Beyond Meat

“From our first conversation, FS MEDIA immediately understood our vision and objectives. We dealt them a tough timeline but they pulled it off seamlessly and with little direction. We've been thrilled with the content they produced, and they were terrific to work with throughout the entire process.”


Madison Catania, Marketing Manager at Crack Shack

“FS MEDIA was so easy and seamless to partner with, making beautiful content for us quickly and with little effort on our end. Would definitely recommend using their services!”

Jenna Ritter, Director of Marketing at Zislis Group

“I have been working with FS MEDIA for over two years now and I am constantly impressed by their knowledge of the ever-changing social media landscape and overall LA food scene. Each month we get together to create content for the next month’s social media calendar. During these meetings they are efficient, professional and share great ideas. They have a quick turnaround time for videos and photos.”

Cole Mecray, Co-Founder of HexClad

"In early 2018 we were looking for an agency to help bring HexClad into the digital space. Our products were primarily sold at Costco throughout the United States. We didn't have an online presence or advertise on social media at the time. FS MEDIA launched our social media channels providing us with beautiful content. Our brand started to flourish online. We then hired FS MEDIA to develop a new website for HexClad. Through their expertise in social media marketing and targeted advertising, our sales have grown exponentially. We have been very pleased with the results and would recommend their services for companies looking to expand into the digital space."

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"We hired FS MEDIA to bring our business to life. And they did. With very little guidance, and limited  prior knowledge of our industry, FS MEDIA created a bright and compelling video that beautifully described our strategy and showcased one of our most valuable assets. Throughout the production process, Food Steez listened, communicated, and acted with clarity, vision, and integrity. The final product surpassed all quality expectations, and was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget. Working with the FS MEDIA team was a joy, and their creativity, flexibility, and hard work enabled a seamless and efficient process.”